Lamarque, Maximilien, count

Lamarque, Maximilien, count
   general, political figure
   Born in Paris, Maximilien, count Lamarque, enlisted in the army in 1791 and took part in the wars of the revolution of 1789 and of the first empire, where he distinguished himself on the battlefield. A supporter of napoléon I during the hundred days, he was ordered to suppress the royalist insurrection in the Vendée. Exiled during the Second restoration (1815), he returned to France in 1818. Elected deputy in 1828, Maximilien, count Lamarque was one of the leaders and principal spokesmen of the republican opposition. His funeral services (June 1832) were the occasion for the first republican uprising of the july monarchy.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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